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Hi everybody!  My name is Sarah Bullock and I am incredibly excited, humbled and amazed to be able to call myself part of the team behind The Melbourne Arboretum.  This project is going to be really something out of this world in scope, vision and accessibility for all who live in or visit Melbourne, as well as all other significant botanical preservation organisations in Australia and around the world.

 Sounds like a big call, I know.  But just wait until you hear about what’s planned.  It is so broad and enormous it is going to take us quite a while to tell you all the parts of this unique story, and this is just the first of many instalments to share what’s happening as this vast project gets going.  

What on earth is an Arboretum? Historically Arboretums have been a place of testing and research.  They have been established in Australia in the past to trial trees from Europe and America to see what would grow and how they would fare in our Australian conditions. THIS arboretum is going to showcase wonderful native Australian flora – trees, shrubs, grasses carefully laid out. It will be one of the world’s largest repository of Eucalypts. It will be a place of magic and wonder for everybody to experience. 

The Melbourne Arboretum will be right on the edge of the Melbourne residential growth corridor, in the suburb of Mernda, which is going to make it super easy to visit whenever you have the urge to connect to our natural world.  And that’s something we ALL need in this fast paced modern city life.

So stay tuned, the Melbourne Arboretum adventure is only just beginning!



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