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As a child I remember laying on the back seat of my parents car pretending to be asleep as they drove home of a night, I’d watch the massive gum tree branches intertwine reaching to one another across the road. This is one of my favourite childhood memories. 

The River Red Gums of my youth hold so many stories of the tradition custodians of the land, you could feel it… 

The size, beauty, texture and the scent of trees has always enticed me be surrounded by them. 

The giant sequoia in the Redwood forest of California, the dark pines in the Black forest of Germany, ahh the memories. 

There is nothing else that compares to nature on the planet; to feel so connected is a true blessing.

I believe we all need to connect to trees, to nature it is where our answers lie.

A couple of decades ago I walked into The Daintree rainforest. The oldest Eco System on the planet. 

You cannot walk into the forest and out the same person. Within a couple of years I was volunteering with an organisation helping to protect the Daintree and forests across the globe.

My self and my children were honoured and blessed to be able to live in the Daintree during this time. 

I have continued my love affair with trees and love of lands. Photographic modelling in trees and nature is one of my hobbies and favourite things to do. 

A couple of years ago I connected with the most stunningly beautiful Moreton Bay fig tree in Lennox Head NSW. I have never felt so connected to a particular tree ever.

I chained myself to her for 8 days and 8 nights to create awareness, as the council were going to cut her cut down. 

It was the most incredible of experiences. Waking from a dream with the words “The spell has been broken and the magic has been released”. With the vision of fairies, angels & orbs of light surrounding the figs massive trunk, limbs and smiling glowing leaves. 

It is the stuff dreams are made of! 

I am thankful to have been named "lady of the trees" by a stanch long time tree campaigner. I work or (may be I should call it love) from my home office or venture across the nation to be on the front line to help in any way or form to protect old growth trees. 

I’ve continued to chain on to trees and lock on to logging equipment to love and look after nature on behalf of mother earth and many others who love from afar. 

I have lived in the Big Scrub Rainforest for the last decade or so. This forest is where the Tree of Truth lives, the Avatar tree. Funny that.  

Please know anyone can do this too. Please join me…

Just sit; just sit under the limbs of a tree, with your back against the trunk and feel. It is where our answers lie… 

Passionate planet protector and lady of the trees Sherrie Yeomans. ️


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