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Where is the Melbourne Arboretum up to?  The momentum is building.

The old Chinese answer to the question of ‘When is the best time to plant a tree?

Well 20 years ago, but today is the next best option.

Hence our passion for starting the Arboretum is tinged with frustration as we would love to start planting now, but so much has to be attended to first.

We think you may like to know where we are up to. We are pedalling like mad to get the Melbourne Arboretum created and much work has been done behind the scenes.

The renowned landscape company Taylor Cullity Lethlean aka TCL, headed by the capable Scott Adams, has created the M.A. Vision Plan and is now working on a Master Plan. Their designs for both the National Arboretum and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne are indicators of something very special.

Hanson Australia, an M.A.neighbour is very supportive and they have joined us as founding members, assisting with a wide planting of native flora. However this very dry year is making this very difficult.

Melbourne University is another valued partner, with 12 postgraduate landscape students doing their 2nd Semester projects on their own plans for the M.A. We cannot wait to see their ideas and concepts.

One of the M. A’s most enthusiastic supporters is the team from Melbourne Polytechnic with whom we are working very closely with on ideas, projects for students and product.

The support for the vision of the Melbourne Arboretum is growing exponentially and we have been overwhelmed with offers of support and interest. Other educational institutions and corporate bodies are wanting to be involved and we are working on exciting projects with them. When these are finalised, we will let you know.

Above and beyond this, the support we are receiving from the general public is so heartwarming. We now have a very active social media program with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Melbourne Arboretum web page. If you have not seen us on any of these yet please do join in. We would love to hear from you.

How are you going to finance all of this I hear you say? Yes that is a big challenge for a non-Government Arboretum. To date the M.A. is registered as a Not for Profit entity and we are working on our charity status now. Once that is done, we can approach the Public and corporate world for support, and launch our membership structure.

In the mean time we have a great online retail section, where the profits will go to supporting trees. The range of authentic products continues to grow and items such as the handcrafted M.A. Tea Towel is proving to be very popular. With Christmas fast approaching, please consider the M.A. when looking for presents. This would be a wonderful way to help the Arboretum and contribute to supporting trees.

Our beautiful Magpie Print Tea Towel ~ Purchase and support one tree in the Melbourne Arboretum!

Our beautiful Magpie Print Tea Towel ~ Purchase and support one tree in the Melbourne Arboretum!

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